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Conduct a Speed Test

Why conduct a speed test?

A speed test is crucial in diagnosing a slow speed issue. Once a slow speed issue is identified, we can take effective measures to troubleshoot and resolve it.

Getting started

To conduct an accurate speed test, you should connect a computer directly to your modem using an Ethernet cable.

If you do not have a computer with an Ethernet port, or an Ethernet cable, a speed test can be done using Wi-Fi, however the results are not as accurate.

We do not recommend using a gaming console to conduct speed test.

Performing a speed test

  1. Open your internet browser and go to http://www.speedtest.net
  2. When the site is open click on Change Server.
    • If you live in Ontario, key in Toronto, and select one of the top 3 server results. 
    • If you live in Quebec key in Montreal, and select one of the top 3 server results. 
  3. Click GO to begin the test.
  4. You will see the speed test graphic on your screen while the test in running. This should take less than 1 minute.
  5. When the test is completed the results will be posted immediately.

      If connected directly to your modem, your download speed and service plan should be similar (e.g. 75 mbps or 150 mbps).

      If connected via WI-FI, the difference may be greater due to variables such as; router distance, router location, number of devices connected and more.

      If you have questions regarding your results or need help improving your speed please visit our Help Center, or contact us via one of the contact methods listed here.