Recording Programs on the Entone Set-Top Box

Scheduling a recording: episode

  • To schedule a recording, simply navigate to the show you would like to record and click the Record button on remote. 

  • You can find a show through the guide, info bar, or search function. It’s that easy!

Scheduling a recording: series

To record a series, find the show you would like to record and click the Info button. 

  • Scroll to the Record Series button and click OK

  • You can change settings to record all episodes, only new episodes, episodes on one channel or across all your subscribed channels.

Managing your scheduled recordings

You can easily make changes to scheduled recordings and recording series. Go to Menu and then select DVR (digital video recordings).
Select the recording you want to change. For example, you can skip a recording, change the time slot and channel or cancel the series recording all together.

For more information on how to view and manage recorded content, read our Viewing Recorded Content article.