Setting Up and Using Your Voicemail

Setting Up Your Voicemail

To get started, dial *98 then your PIN* and the # key.

Your temporary PIN is your 7-digit Distributel Account Number*. When you log in for the first time, you’ll be asked to change your PIN to something easy to remember.

*If your account number isn’t 7 digits, add 0’s in front of your account number to make it 7 digits.

Using your voicemail

To check your voicemail, dial *98 on your Distributel home phone.

When you are in your voicemail click:

1 – Listen to messages

3 – Review or change your greeting

4 – Manage your mailbox settings

Listening to Messages

1 - Rewind

2 - Pause/restart

3 - Skip forward

4 - Replay

5 - Message details

6 - Send a copy

7 - Erase

8 - Reply

9 – Save*

# - Next message/leave as new

*  - Exit

*Your voicemail will save messages up to 4 minutes long. And you can save messages for up to a total of an hour.

Reviewing or changing your greeting

1 - Set up or change your greeting

3 - Select a default greeting or change the recording of your name

Managing your mailbox settings

2 - Hands-free options and times savers 

3 - Security (including how to manage your PIN)


To check your voicemail while you’re travelling follow these instructions.