Understanding Your Phone Features

Distributel Home Phone includes all these features. Some of them depend on your home phone handset. For example, Visual Call Waiting needs a phone with a screen to display the number.

Call Waiting

While you’re using your phone, a beep will let you know when another call is coming in.

To answer a waiting call (after hearing the beep), press the flash or link button on your handset, or press and release the receiver button. (Refer to your handset user guide if you aren’t sure which button to use.)

Repeat these steps to return to your original call.

Waiting calls that you choose not to answer will go to Voice Mail.

You can disable Call Waiting by dialing *70. To turn it back on, dial *71.

Visual Call Waiting

See the name and number of the person who is calling, while you’re already on a call.

Caller ID Block

You can block your name and number from being displayed when you call someone who has Call Display.

Simply dial *67 before the phone number you are calling, and your name and number won’t be displayed.

3 Way Calling

To add a 3rd person to a call, follow these two steps:

  1. While you are on a call, quickly press and release the receiver, flash or link button. (Refer to your phone user guide if you aren’t sure which button to use.)
  2. Then dial the number of the other person we want to add to your call. Press and release the receiver, flash or link button again.

You should now be able to speak to both people.

Speed Dialing

You can skip having to type full phone numbers of people you call often, by assigning a 2-digit speed dial code to the number.

Choose any number between 20 and 49, for up to 30 phone numbers.

To set up dial *75, followed by the 2-digit code you want to assign to the phone number.
Then type in 1 and the area code and phone number you want to assign it to. 

For example:  *75 + 20 + 1-613-123-4567. 

That’s it! For all future calls, you simply dial 20 to reach this telephone number. 

Call Display

Our Digital Phone Service can show the name or phone number of callers.
Most handsets can display this information. Check the user manual for your phone to see if your phone supports Call Display.

Call Forwarding

While you are on a call, you can forward it to another number by dialing *72 then enter the number you want to send it to, followed by #.

Dial *73 to disable Call Forwarding