Enable Cloud PVR on the Entone Set-Top Box

Enable Cloud PVR

Cloud PVR improves your TV experience, giving you access to your recordings on all your Set-Top Boxes. You can have access to up to 50 hours of storage capacity. We also offer options to increase your capacity to 100 or 200 hours. Click here to Opt-in for Cloud PVR Today. 

Note: once Cloud PVR has been enabled on your account, you will not be able to revert to using your local PVR. You will no longer have access to recordings made using the USB version of PVR. You may also need to re-schedule future recordings to ensure they will be recorded to Cloud PVR. When Cloud PVR has been activated on your account, remove the USB thumb drive attached to your Entone set-top box. This will improve the speed and performance of your TV experience.

Check Available Storage Capacity

To see how much storage capacity you're using, click on Recordings in the home menu; the capacity is displayed at the top of the screen.

Note: This storage capacity includes schedule recordings you've made.