Using Your Cloud PVR on your Amino TV Set-Top Box

Your Distributel TV service includes a PVR so you can record programs and watch anytime you choose.

Your Distributel TV service comes with 50 hours of storage. You can choose to increase your storage to 100 or 200 hours. See details here.

To check your storage capacity, go to Recordings in the home menu. Your current storage level will show at the top of the screen. it includes everything you have already saved and programs you have scheduled to record.

How to record a program now

In the program guide double click on the program you want to record or go to the channel using your remote. Then click the red R button on your remote to start recording.

How to schedule a recording

  1. Click on the Guide button on your remote control. Then use the arrow buttons to find the program you want to record.

  2. Click the ok button twice. Then click ok on the RECORD option on the screen.

  3. Select Record Episode or Record Series.  You can choose to record all episodes including re-runs, or only new episodes. You can also choose to record only on the channel currently selected, or on all channels.

  4. To change your recording settings, press Manage Recording, from the program details screen.

  5. To cancel a scheduled recording click Manage Recordings and select Cancel Episode / Cancel Series.